Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lebanon, One Last Drive



With a flight scheduled to leave Beirut at 6:15pm, I leave the Mayflower Hotel around 2:30pm for one last drive around the city before heading to the airport. I am surprised that at 2:30 in the afternoon traffic is already bump to bump on the streets of Hamra. I am afraid that I will have to cut my last minute sightseeing short.

After about a half hour of watching sets of red lights go on and off in front of me, my ears become filled with the sounds of beating drums. I soon discover part of the reason for the traffic congestion. I am not sure the purpose of the small marching band along the side of the street but I get a small candy bar out of the deal.



ST76 Jan 25 002Near the city center I get a glimpse of Khatem Al Anbiyaa Mosque then maneuver down more streets with government buildings that are blocked with concrete barriers to prevent parking.








ST76 Jan 25 006Khatem Al Anbiyaa Mosque



Near the mosque I am able to park for a few minutes to take in its beauty. I saw it lit up a few nights ago and it is even more spectacular then.

Along the shores of Lebanon near the downtown area many gather with long poles to do some unique fishing in the crashing waves that pound the rugged coast line.


ST76 Jan 25 008Looks like a nice way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.

However, I think near Pigeon Rock the locals there have an even better idea as they take in the views while enjoying spending time with my Middle East friend, Shisha.






ST76 Jan 25 014Pigeon Rock




ST76 Jan 25 017Driving along the coast and taking in views of one of the cities most popular beaches, I get a chance to feel like a local driver as a car tries to pull out in front of me.

I tell him to stay put with a few honks.





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