Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lebanon, Al Mina


Leaving Byblos I am soon making slow “S turns” along the highway pass good size red and white striped barriers. I find this interesting and I get the video tape rolling (ok, that is so old school). What seems to be to be an old military check point turns out to be an active one and I quickly put away my recording device.

Although it maybe different here I had an interesting experience doing almost the same thing at a border crossing into Israel a few years ago. I have learned my lesson.

As it turns out, I along with about every other car on the route are freely allowed to pass. Beyond the check point the landscape begins to change into mountainous terrain. On my right, I now get a glimpse of towering snow capped mountains.



ST76 JAN23 034Al Mina Mosque


Soon I see an exit for The Cedars but continue on for about another 20kms to the seaside community of Al Mina just outside of Tripoli. With the time being later in the day than planned and earlier warnings of rebel issues in some areas of Tripoli, I remain for only a brief time at Al Mina.



ST76 JAN23 036From the seaside docks I enjoy views of the area that made the drive for me definitely worthwhile.







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