Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bangkok, How Deep Is Beauty


Still feeling relaxed but lacking in the beauty department, I head over to one of Bangkok's unusual theaters for maybe some beauty tips.

I can see that my self researching tips may come at an expensive price as I say good-bye to THB$1200. If all else fails, I do get one free drink for my THB$1200.

It's about 8:10pm and I am descending down a set of spiraling stairs against a mirrored wall. I am inside the Asia Hotel where one by one an almost over friendly staff welcomes guests to The Playhouse Theater.

Our free drinks are served while the house lights are up and it is well past the 8:15pm show time before the house lights are finally turned down.

A lengthy and loud introduction soundtrack is played as we can see and hear commotion going on behind the still closed stage curtains. Obviously, the “Quiet On The Set or Positions Please” call has not been made.


“Come with me and you will be in a world of pure imagination”



SAM_1353I accept the inviting challenge of the opening act and forget that I am in a theater with only about thirty people.






I assume most of us are here because of our curiosity about the actors. It is not long before the calm invitation of the opening act turns into a high energy performance.




SAM_1355OMG, Has MJ Returned



It is taking a lot of my imagination to accept what I should be accepting. However, I can see how some theater makeup might help me in the beauty department. Learning some of the moves might also help update my John Travolta routine.

Over the course of the next hour or so the energy level of the show decreases every once and awhile but not for too long. From a tribute to Michael Jackson by MJ himself to a rendition of Fame, I am really enjoying the vigor of this performance.



SAM_1357For me, two funny moments in the show comes from seeing male ballerina dancers and learning the sad fate of a couple of “ladies men”, playboys.





The first one got two warning shots to the head (at least he was warned), the other happen to fall on a kitchen knife about ten times. I guess they both had it coming.

In my younger days I knew a man that would dance for you, in worn out shoes. He once told me:

“But most the time I spend behind these county bars 'cause I drink a bit”. I ask him, please Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, dance.

For a group whose native tongue is not English this is one of the coolest rendition of Mr. Bojangles that I have ever seen.

No doubt The Playhouse Cabaret has a lot of missteps and is not destined for Broadway anything soon but this turns out to be a fun experience.

As the show ends I am still left wondering, really those were really. Really?

Leaving the theater we get the opportunity to take pictures with the actors  in exchange for sometimes aggressive request for tips. I don't mind as I enjoyed the performance and maybe they are starving theater students.



SAM_1365Up close I do discovery that some of them are not who they appeared to be on the stage. That's ok as I now have my imagination back and know the makeup thing is not going to work for me. I am going to have to find a way to be naturally beautiful or I might end up looking like this!





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