Saturday, January 12, 2013

Norway, A Drive In The Country


For my last day in Tromso I have arranged a rental car with Avis at their downtown location for about US$136 per day with unlimited mileage. This is about US$20 per day cheaper than picking it up at the airport and I will be able to return it to the airport before I catch my early morning flight.

Although the evening before I had been through the tunnel system in a tour bus, it is a very cool experience driving it myself as I am headed to the coastal town of Sommeray.

Roundabouts are a big part of the road system here and navigating them is always fun. Miss an exit and you can just go round and round and round about until you get it right. To make my way to Sommeray I head towards the airport then cross a main bridge that connects the islands.


ST76 DEC19 010A stop at a local supermarket and I have my provisions for the day, I think.

The breads and pastries from the bakery are always fresh in places like this and in my book a bargain.





SAM Tromso 004The grilled pork chops looks delicious but the pancake looking type of fish cake is questionably.

However, I think one without cheese is still worth a try.





ST76 DEC19 011From previous trips to a grocery store in Tromso, I have a minor addiction to a “Noisy” drink so I stock up on a few of them too.








NO Tromso Day 2 008



It is not long before I am driving along tranquil bays with snow covered hills in the background then the landscape changes to a more mountainous countryside. I pass many cars parked along the mountainous road their occupants presumably off exploring the snow blanketed countryside.


NO Tromso Day 2 035It seems I am getting closer to the coastline as the scenery becomes filled with more waterways.

These waterways are so calm they seem like huge lakes although I am sure their tranquility comes from the protection of the surrounding hills.






NO Tromso Day 2 048



In some of these waters are boats so petite and cute that they appear unreal. I stop to watch a few of them half expecting to see a mermaid swim by.


NO Tromso Day 2 065It is nearing 2pm and the sun is beginning to set on this part of the planet.

For an outsider this is still an unnatural sensation that in a weird way is kind of cool.






2PM Arctic Sunset



Watching the sun do it's magical artwork on the landscape this far north is amazing. Parked near a bridge I watch as a warm orange glow spreads across the northern skies highlighted by shades of violet.


Arctic SunsetIt is the most spectacular sunset that I have ever seen.






I begin my drive back to Tromso in twilight which by 4pm has almost turned to completed darkness. My last night in Tromso I spend in search of the Northern Lights on my own but face the same cloudy skies from the nights before.

I have been told that some people have made the trip here multiple times and have never seen the Northern Lights. I will definitely be one that will return to Tromso in search of them although I hope it will not take me multiple times to experience this awesome artwork of nature.



NO Tromso Day 1 031Possible Northern Lights Behind Arctic Cathedral


Interestingly, at home in looking at one of my pictures of the Arctic Cathedral I discover that my camera may have captured a portion of the Northern Lights. I have been told a camera is more sensitive to capturing them although for me the real experience is to see them with the naked eye.



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