Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bangkok, Bald and Relaxed



003After a few hours relaxing at a Starbucks near the Phaya Thai Station, I make my way back there to the BTS Sky Train.

For less than US$1 (20 Baht), I am just a few stops and a short walk away from my hotel for the night.





005“He is, The King”




153Checked in at another familiar spot in the city, I relax in the comfort of what seems like home then it is time for a long hot refreshing shower.






Wearing my backpack “Monday Best”, I am again off on the streets of Bangkok, in a manner of speaking.



SAM_1349My first journey is along one of the cities fun transportation avenues, its famous canals.

This time it's a THB$10 (US$0.50) fare for a journey that will take me to one of the main streets in the city.




For me, going to the barber at home brings on a standard joke and criticism of my financial wisdom.

“You have no hair”. “Why are you wasting money going to the barber?”

For the most part these criticisms are fair since I have had a bald spot for at least the last twenty years, most of my young life. However, as long as I have some hair, every now and then it deserves some special treatment.

At the moment, I am on my way to do just that and the only people that will be amused by my actions are those I don't know and a barber that will see it as easy money.

THB$120 (less than US$5) including a tip and about twenty minutes later I am bald but not quite yet beautiful. An excellent hair cut with a warm towel face wash and an old-fashioned barber razor edging.

I feel like THB$29868071.69.



SAM_1350Looking in the barber shop mirror, I am reminded of a universal truth that we all know.

God only made a few perfect heads, on the rest of them she put hair.





A few steps down from the barber shop and I am being twisted like a pretzel almost to the point of pain. With a weight on my body, I am bent from one direction to the next.

Except that I know my perpetrator's intentions are good, I would otherwise wrestle her free from me and runaway like I did after losing a fight to another girl in the fourth grade.

An hour later I am so relaxed almost to the point that I am afraid to walk. However, with steel determination I find the will to do so as my Bangkok outing must continue.

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