Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lebanon, Beirut A Gem In The Middle East


For many years I have had the desire to visit Lebanon although with the uncertainties and wars in the Middle East over time that desire had waned like the setting sun.

A few years ago while traveling in Turkey, I met a family from Lebanon while touring the Grand Palace in Istanbul and a seed was planted for me to think again about visiting Lebanon.

With uncertain and flexible travel plans for vacation I once again began to desire the land that was once know as “Paris Of The East”. As I stand on a train platform in Brussels, Belgium with practically numb hands from a cold winter wind, I am looking forward to in a few hours boarding a Middle East Airline flight for the warmth of Beirut.


ST76 JAN 22 001On a flight that is less than half full, about three hours and forty five minutes after leaving Brussels I peak out my window and through almost smoggy skies I begin to see the outline of the paradise I waited so long to visit.







ST76 JAN 22 010Approaching Beirut Airport



An easy Immigration and Customs clearing process and I exit into the arrivals area of Beirut International Airport.

Paying what I consider an absorbent amount for Wi-Fi access, US$12 (75m)I begin to put together my plan for the next three days and two nights in Lebanon.

With a rental car from Europcar for US$77 along with helpful information, a map and a little word of caution from the Europcar employee, I set out for the Mayflower Hotel in the Hamra area of Beirut.

My Lebanon adventure begins.

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