Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thailand, To Victory Monument


002After a delightful and filling breakfast at Moonite Boutique Hotel, the morning is of to a slow start.









A short walk from Moonite and I wait with others to board a common means of transportation in Bangkok. Moving efficiently and rapidly up and down the city's waterways like a subway are the popular canal boats.



2012-06-21 21 13 48For a cost of about 5 baht per station along your route, you can easily move around the city for less than a US$1.




However, be forewarned that it may take a time or two to get comfortable with the boarding process. Be a quick learner or you might get left behind or worse yet, find yourself taking an unplanned swim.

Fortunately, with the help of some courteous on board passengers I manage not to get wet. Four stops later and I am walking the streets of Bangkok headed for Victory Monument. I am not going there to visit the Monument itself, I am going there in search of a bus.



008Victory Monument


Built as a tribute for Thailand's victory in the Franco-Thai War, today Victory Monument is primarily recognized as the busiest transportation hub in Bangkok. All around this circular area are minivans and buses waiting to take passengers to the different outskirts of Bangkok.


2012-06-21 21 14 22Although still full from breakfast, I can't resist having a fresh pineapple and huge guava from one of the local street fruit vendors.




I then take the long way to find a minivan that will take me to Damnoen Saduak, Bangkok's largest and most famous floating market.


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