Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thailand, A Sweet Lesson


For an outsider, hidden among the canals of Damnoen Saduak is a treasure collection of “The Tree Of Life”. With our engine turned off because it is out of gas and the propane tanks need to be switched, we quietly approach CSF under the almost silent stroke of an oar.


023My eyes are bulging out of their sockets and my heart is racing a mile a minute as I see the treasure field in front of me.

Even the local bees are buzzing with excitement about what is found here.



We have just landed at a Coconut Sugar Farm which has a plantation full of what is known by some cultures as “The Tree Of Life”.

With no customers left for today, we are taken under wing by two of the employees here and given a close up tour of the operation.


403First,  I am shown how nectar is collected from the flower of the coconut, something I did not know was possible.

I have always thought all the product came from the coconut itself.






404Tasting Fresh Coconut Nectar



I am offered to sample fresh nectar right from the flower. I accept the offer in exchange for a camera woman to capture my doing.

A fresh cut is made of the flower with a machete and my sampling begins. I am surprised by the non coconut flavor of the sweet natural syrup. This syrup is collected in long thin canisters and then boiled to be made into sugar.


410I am next given a canister and told that drinking it will make me strong. I know my blood sugar level is about to sky rocket.

My host and hostess are so excited,  “Wow, wow, Wow”,  about educating me about coconuts, I do not want to disappoint them.


Furthermore, I am an easy sucker for anything coconut or sweet.

I think I will jumping up and down all the way to Bangkok or as my hostess suggest maybe I could fly like a Superman.

How did she know?


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