Friday, July 27, 2012

Japan, Mt Fuji Here We Come


NRT 002We leave Atlanta Hartsfield and thirteen hours later we are touching down in “The Land Of The Rising Sun”.





It is about 4pm in the afternoon as we board a train from Narita Airport headed to the outskirts of Tokyo. An hour and a half later we exit at Jimbocho Station. After circling the block, only one time, we end up at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho.


NRT 038For about US$50 per night per person including breakfast, we check into a dorm-style room with shared bath.

An inexpensive way to stay in the heart of Tokyo.




Back at Jimbocho Station, we are off to visit the world busiest railroad station, with 3.6 million passengers a day, Shinjuku. Outside the station reminds us of New York City with bustling sidewalks surrounded by tall buildings and flashing neon lights.



NRT 025



After descending about thirty feet below ground, we are brought a set of damp towels and take in what is for us a unique atmosphere. With only a Japanese menu, it's point and smile as we order.



NRT 033At least there is a picture of beer and gyoza. Dinner is served.








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