Saturday, July 7, 2012

China, Tai Chi Hong Kong


My third day in Hong Kong begins almost the same as the second day except it begins earlier and without rain.


275At a 7-11, I grab a breakfast roll and a kiwi tea then walk to board the No.2 bus. Again, I am headed to Hong Kong Cultural Center.







129Tai Chi At Hong Kong Cultural Centre


I am late and hope “Mr. Miaggie” does not notice me as I slide into the back of the class that has already began. I follow with calmness “Grasping A Birds Tail”, “Brush Knee” and other Tai Chi styles as we are provided impressive graceful demonstrations.



148This is all part of a free Tai Chi lesson given several days of the week at 8am.






With a relaxed demeanor, I walk around the grounds of the Cultural Center with an enlighten view of things I had previously seen the day before.


131I now noticed the unique curved architecture of Center's building.









The famed Tower Clock now takes on a new slant as it reflects in a President Lincoln type Memorial Pool.

Another crossing of Victoria Harbor, still free as a part of my 24Hr “Big Red Bus” ticket and I join others walking the streets of Hong Kong Island. Most of them I assume are headed to work. My destination, Man Mo Temple.

Among the towering buildings I feel like I am in New York City minus a few thousand people on the streets. Past the famous Li Yuen Street East and Li Yuen Street West, I watch as merchants set up shop for the day while I continue on to Hong Kong's first street, Hollywood Road.


138A stop at a fruit vendor and I am served a freshly cut guava in a cup along with a sugar free green tea after spying all of his other fresh goods.






140Burning Incense, Man Mo Temple


Man Mo Temple with it's continuing rings of burning incense is soothingly spectacular to visit. This is where Hong Kong's first free public education school was started. Today, it serves as a memorial to Hong Kong's past and is also an active place of worship.

Down Hollywood Road, I make a left turn head towards Queen Street. Looking in both directions I am reminded of San Francisco without the trolley cars and the call of “Rice A Roni”. From an hour ago, the activities in the streets have picked up significantly. The city is coming alive.


149At one corner, I am stuck with fascination as I watch a fresh fish market in operation.





One of the workers is in a non stop fluid motion as he meets customer's demands in between preparing and putting fresh pieces of fish on display. Old fashioned tools of the trade are used like a simple scale using a string and a determined ball weight. You would have to catch your own fish to get it any fresher than this.

In less than five hours I will leave Hong Kong headed south, my destination confirmed by Mr. Miaggie a few hours ago.



262Before leaving from The Peninsula, I will take one last drive in my Rolls Royce to celebrate having made the connection between Thailand and China.

“Raising Hand & Stepping Up”, I discover it's Tai Chi. BKK, here I come.





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