Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thailand, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market


A cute set of eyes are staring at us as we wait at Victory Monument for a minivan to take us to Bangkok's most famous floating market. Located about 100km South of Bangkok, Damnoen Saduak is definitely worth the hour or so drive.

Spending too much time at breakfast, we arrive at Damnoen Saduak late in the afternoon and miss all of the heighten morning activities. However, I discover that this may not have been a bad thing as we end up with a more personalized tour.


015Our boat starts of slow then gains speed as it is navigated down narrow canals towards the market.

Most of the stalls are now empty for the day. We pull up to one boat that is loaded with various types of merchandise.





019A floating bar and bartender is more to our liking and a cold “Singha” beer is refreshing.








401A Komodo Dragon


Off to the side, I see the market is apparently not only popular with two legged creatures but four legged ones as well. Those that have long skinny tongues and can swim.

Hello, Komodo!


414Passing scattered merchants and one stall lined with rows and rows of spices along with teas, our next stop is at a Coconut Sugar Farm.

A sweet lesson about coconuts along with free samples makes this the highlight of my tour.




Did you know that coconut nectar is extracted from the flower of the coconut? This nectar is then boiled to make coconut sugar. I get to sample nectar fresh from the flower and I am surprised at it's enjoyable non coconut taste.



411Although this sampling tree is young and at ground level, I get another sampling from higher up.

A worker scales a fifty foot plus tall tree and hands me a collecting bucket.







028Temples From 10-11 A.D



Leaving the Coconut Sugar Farm with sadness, we head over to visit one of the ancient cities of Thailand built along one of the canals. Here can be found temples built from the 10th - 11th century. Some of the buildings are in a state of decay but others are still actively being used by local Buddhist monks.


421We disturb calm reflective water as we race back to finish our tour and say goodbye for now to Damnoen Saduak.






422Disembarking at a dock, it is a short walk to where we will catch the No.78 bus back to Bangkok.







036Bus No. 78


A cheaper fare and no doubt a longer ride to the city. However, it is another chance to experience a bit more of amazing Thailand.


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