Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laos, Riding A Hog In Vang Vieng


Although we had made a loose commitment the night before to rent bicycles, I wake up thinking we would cover more ground faster on a hog. Some quick checking and we discover that this can done for about the same price as renting two bicycles.

For about US$4, we hand over our passports and with a crude map set off to explore the countryside around Vang Vieng with a mandatory first stop at a gas station. The sites we would like to visit are spread out in different directions so we make what we think is a logical plan.


113Our first stop is to visit a waterfall about 10km out of town. From there we will then continue on to Elephant Cave then double back to the Blue Lagoon.

A busy day by any stretch of the imagination.


Going down a gravel dirt road, pass cool villages seeing farmers working rice fields with an awesome landscape in the background, I quickly realize that we have embarked on an impossible mission.


111The views and scenery here are too splendid to not take as much time as possible to enjoy.






097Furthermore, we have not even reached our first destination, Yui Waterfall.






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