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Friday, July 6, 2012

China, Hong Kong After Dark


122After spending a fine evening of standing around the elegant lobby of the historic Peninsula Hotel, I am unable to find my car keys.





Checking with the concierge, he assures me he will do his best to try and locate them. He also promises to keep an eye on my Rolls Royce while I am off to see Hong Kong after dark.



2012-06-20 16 31 30



With my primary means of transportation gone, I have no choice but to hop back on that darn “Big Red Bus” if I want to have an efficient night time tour of Hong Kong.

I just better not return to The Peninsula and find that someone has put a dent or scratch on my “Baby”. Or worst yet, have taken it out for a spin.


140As night falls over Hong Kong, the darkness is soon complimented by various sharp and bright colors of neon lights.




Buildings that shined during the day from the beating sun now emit their own rays of light and sparkle under the night sky.

Off in the distance, an almost eyesore hangs over the city. A DHL balloon that for a fee can give you a bird's eye view of “Fragrant Harbor”. This reminds me, I should send dear uncle a package and thank you card for his generosity in allowing me to tour South East Asia, almost like a “Rock Star”.


358Sweet musical notes along with the soothing sound of a colorful waterfall and before long I find myself walking among the stars.







134 (2)


I see one of my childhood idols, Bruce and then I am amazed at a small pair of hands.


132 (2)For split second I think, I just might be able to take Jackie on.






I come back down to earth as I look across Victoria Harbor towards Hong Kong Island. One of the best free light shows you will ever see is happening right before my eyes as numerous building across the harbor display there luminescent talents.



129 (2)Shining Hong Kong


Even without the comfort of my corn feed leather seats and imported maple-oak plywood dashboard, this is a sight definitely worth seeing.


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