Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dubai, Can You Spare $8000. I'm Hot.


With my kind of like a “Rock Star” tour of South East Asia over, I Facebook dear uncle with one more request.


SamJul7 043I want to take “The Wrong Way” home and circle the globe while doing so. Instead of heading East from Asia, I want to go West.





A check of my Swiss bank account and I see it has increased a couple of zeros. My uncle has come through for me, again. A logical step for me to take the wrong way home is to head to Dubai. In doing so, I can follow M.I Ghost Protocol and visit the world's tallest building.

I arrive in Dubai to discover as expected that it is not only hot, it is so hot that even my sweat is sweating. This is where I need your help. Uncle Sam has been so nice to me that I don't have the heart to ask anymore favors of him.


SamDXBD1 021So can you spare me $8000.00 so I can cool off and spend just one night at Burj Al Arab?








SamDXBD1 020I promise I'll be your BF Forever!

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