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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thailand, A Happy Reunion


Although my return to Thailand will be primarily limited to Bangkok as a launching point for my tour of South East Asia, I have fond memories of my previous visit there in 2007.


Thailand 2007 India and Amsterdam 057From buying freshly made pad thai on the streets to the huge night market, I am looking forward to seeing how much Bangkok has changed or remained the same from five years ago.






Thailand 2007 India and Amsterdam 059Fresh Selection Of Deep Fried Bugs


What I am also looking forward to is doing something I should have done on my last visit, eat a bug. Unfortunately, this time I will not have the opportunity to return to Chiang Mai or Ko Samuet.


Thailand 2007 India and Amsterdam 127However, my previous photos vividly remind me of elephant riding through the forest, hiking across hills, passing waterfalls and walking through rice fields.






Thailand 2007 India and Amsterdam 173A journey that took myself and others to spend a night in a remote village in the hills surrounding Chiang Mai.







Thailand 2007 India and Amsterdam 174Chiang Mai rice Fields



Thailand 2007 India and Amsterdam 270What a pleasant memory when I think of Ko Samuet.

Even today, I can still recall the total bliss of the best massage I have ever had laying on a beach there.





No doubt, these memories come with some regret that this time I will only be in Bangkok.   Nonetheless, I will make the best of my two days here before moving on to Laos.



Thailand 2007 India and Amsterdam 269I hope it is not another five years before I return to explore more of amazing Thailand.







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