Monday, July 2, 2012

China, Tin Hau Temple Hong Kong


A stroll along the waterfront from Stanley Market and somewhat tucked away in the corner of an open square you will find a small but intriguing Tin Hau Temple.


062Built by the seafaring people of Stanley Bay in 1767, the temple is a monument to Tien Hou, Queen of Heaven who performed many miracles to save the fishing communities from disasters.






Today, she is considered the patron deity of the boat people of Hong Kong.







So if you are overwhelmed by the shopping at Stanley Market or think you have had a spiritual enlightenment from too huge a dose of wasabi then stroll over to Tin Hau.


096 (2)The smell of fresh burning incense. The warmth of flickering ceremonial candles along with the sight of beautiful offerings. And maybe your mind will be soothed in a way no amount of shopping can.






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