Friday, July 20, 2012

Laos, Kaeng Nyui Waterfall


110After a beautiful ride along a sometimes mountainous gravel road, our hog comes to rest at the entrance of Kaeng Nyui waterfall.

After paying a small entrance fee, we begin a hike that I am convinced will not be a disappointment.



099At the beginning of the trail we pause for a few moments in an area with different food vendors and decide that on the way back we will stop here for lunch.




Above the level of human noise, the relaxing sounds of nearby rushing water reminds me why we are here and we press on.

I am not sure if it rained here earlier in the morning but moisture is lingering in the air and some portions of the path are slippery. In some areas, the vegetation forms a natural canopy and is so dense the morning light struggles to break through. The trees are alive with vivid jungle colors and often a bird or two can be heard chirping in the distance, no doubt hidden among the tree leaves.


050The path to Kaeng is filled with many tranquil distractions as there are numerous streams and smaller waterfalls in every direction.









There is even a small suspension bridge that adds nicely to the picturesque scenery.  


068After numerous stops, the sounds and sight of Kaeng Nyui touch my senses.

One last set of steps through an area of banana plants and we will be there.



The hike has been a little more challenging than expected. However, soon we are standing on a small hill looking down at the base of the waterfall as the descending water crashes into it.






The magnificence of the thundering sound and the splashing spray of the water pulls us in. We cautiously go down a slippery path to get a close up and more splendid view.


104From the base of the waterfall, I stare up into the heavens.

A few hundred feet above me I can see where the water begins it's crashing descent.








108I imagine that in the height of the rainy season, this is even more spectacular.

There is an amazing thing about standing here that everyone should at least have an opportunity in life to experience.




078Nature can sometimes be such an awe-inspiring and wonderful thing.







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