Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Laos, Morning Market, Vang Vieng


It's our last day in Vang Vieng and we are up early to visit the “must see” Morning Market. Our first thought is to take a tuk tuk there but even this early in the morning the prices are ridiculous. Although not much in dollars, 30,000 kip is too much for this journey and it motivates us to get hoofing.



080Pass temples and street vendors selling fresh raw rice we cover the distance to the market relatively quick and feel good about holding onto our kip.







081Rice For Sale On The Street


The Morning Market sort of turns out the way I expected it to be except for the fresh fish heads and meats sprawled out on long tables. The meats seemed like they belonged at a butcher's shop instead of a morning market.


085A one stop, I am interested in various kinds of meats, ones that are being or have already been grilled.

Strips on a bamboo ring have peaked my interest and after an almost comical inquiry, I decide to give it a try.



I am still not sure what I ate but it had a “jerky” texture, tasted good and was sprinkled with sesame seeds.

With a five hour or so bus ride ahead of us, some fresh fruits and breads for the road does not seem like such a bad idea. I pick out a childhood favorite, tamarind then make some more exotic choices.


089For less than US$2, I have fruit to last me a day or two including a new taste to my palate, manho.







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