Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laos, Delicious Street Food In Vang Vieng


While eating street food during travel is often frown upon by many, it is not something that I particularly shy away from. Remembering the day when what are now called “Gourmet Trucks” use to be called “Roach Coaches”, I know that there can be some culinary gems found in eating street food. I discover one such gem in Vang Vieng.


095Popular around town are pancake, crepe stands.

However, like snowflakes they are not all the same.




I am fortunate that I come across one right in front of a huge hotel being constructed in the town. Unfortunately, these stands are not named, so in Vang Vieng you may have to do some some venturing to find this one or a good one like it.

Here the crepes are freshly made and you can have your choice of various combinations including chocolate, peanut butter, banana or even coconut.

My choice, a fat free, no calorie, lemon, honey and sugar. Angelic and delightful.



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