Tuesday, July 3, 2012

China, Hong Kong By Sampan


After nearly seven hours on the island there is only one way left to see Hong Kong. It's by Sampan. From the Peak Tram Station it is another chance to hop on “The Big Red Bus”.


107I discover this is the least expensive although not the fastest way to get to Aberdeen from here.







091Sampan Boat


A few minutes of waiting after arriving at Aberdeen and I am corralled along with others by an elderly lady onto a Sampan boat (which I think is being driven by her unhappy husband).


102Our welcome on board is somewhat unfriendly but the water views of Hong Kong quickly makes up for it.







2012-06-20 16 29 14The drone of the Sampan engine which occasionally changes in a burst from a “putt, putt idle” to a “giddy up” assures me that the driver is actually alive.




As always, it is soothing for me to be on the water and my fascination of seeing the mixture of the new and old way of life around “Fragrant Harbor” is relaxing.






A landmark in this area is “Jumbo Floating Restaurant”. A huge multilevel building anchored in the middle of the water. Jumbo provides free water taxi service from a few nearby docks for those desiring to experience it's unique atmosphere and cuisine.



336Our cruise continues and we get close up looks of boats that seem to have been here since Hong Kong was discovered. Our driver does a skillful job navigating between these vessels that I am sure have many interesting stories to tell.





096From this advantage point, seeing the modern skyscrapers in the background assures me that being old and hanging around with the new can sometimes be a wonderful blend.






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