Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thailand, A Glimpse Of Bangkok Nightlife


After a lengthy return from Damneon Saduak, I must get a second wind if I am going to get a glimpse of Bangkok's nightlife and complete a personal challenge.


434Cleaned up, we take a walk towards Chid Lom Station and flag down a taxi to take us to the Patpong Night Market area.




No doubt, there is a whole thriving economy that revolves around night markets in this part of the world. All kinds of merchandise and food can be bought well past the midnight hour. You can even get a full 60 minute Thai massage for about US$10.

At well past 11pm, the area which has a portion filled with adult shows is hopping. The adult show venues seem to out number the regular bars and restaurants and the solicitation to visit them become annoying.

Unfortunately, even kids are used in the solicitation which involves flashing you a menu of the offerings. For me, it is distasteful but the area can still be fun and enjoyable.


436At one bar a local band is playing and it looks like a good spot to have a beer or two.

This time I go for the “Tiger” to build up my courage. A Santana rendition followed by Billy Jean and the band takes an intermission.



A perfect opportunity for me to head to the streets to complete my personal challenge made about four years ago after a previous visit to Thailand.

A few instructions and I am pulling apart a deep fried grasshopper in my mouth. I cannot say it was delicious but it did make my cold beer taste better.


438That feat accomplished it is back to another bar for some hip hop and rock done Thai style, a glimpse of Bangkok's nightlife.






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