Saturday, July 21, 2012

Laos, To Elephant Cave (Tham Xang)



113Leaving Kaeng Nyui Waterfalls, we pass a farmer we had seen earlier and he is still out working in his rice field.





Clouds that in the early morning seem to hang low over the surrounding mountains are now lifted and the scenery is still as splendid as the first time we traveled this way.

Back on the highway, on the outskirts of town we share the road with pedestrians and more cattle most of which are not willing to move out of our way.

Over one bump on the road my “Flip” does a flip and goes flying. I recover it but “Flip” now has a busted eye and won't be quite seeing things the same way.


115At small road bridges we pause at the excitement and laughter of Lao children swimming and playing in the streams below us.

Again, more beautiful Lao scenery. This time not only in it’s landscape but also in it’s people.



Off the main highway, we are bouncing down another gravel road headed for the Nam Song river. Here we board a boat for a quick ride across the rapidly flowing river to visit another important Buddhist temple.

Tham Xang (Elephant Cave) is  known for it's remarkable limestone formation and has prominent Buddha statues displayed around it. 



118Tham Xang (Elephant Cave)



This is only one of many caves in the area. The next two we visit are Cave Loup and Cave Nam both of which turn out to be even more spectacular.




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