Friday, July 20, 2012

Laos, An Interesting Lunch Menu


Returning from our hike to Kaeng Nyui waterfall, it's time to relax and have some lunch before moving on to our next adventure.



099Along another rapidly flowing stream booths are set up with Asian style seating for us to enjoy a meal in the tranquility of the forest.

We select one and then head over to see what's cooking.



There are no menus to make selections from so what you see is what you get.

We are offered chicken but I opt for a papaya salad that will be freshly made. Along with a couple cans of Beer Lao we should be happy but then I smell rat. Not figuratively but literally I smell and see a group of them being grilled next to the earlier offered chicken. I wonder if they both taste the same.



109Grilled Chicken And ?????



A group of men working in the forest gather around the grill to make their selections and encourage me to try one. Although I am told the field rats taste better than the city ones, like eating a bug in Bangkok, I think I will save that challenge for the next time I visit Laos.


088My papaya salad is delivered and boy does it come with a kick. Made from green papaya, with peanuts and I am told some interesting fish parts, the chili seasoning used on this one sets my hair on fire.



This leaves me wishing I had a colder Beer Lao.



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