Saturday, May 29, 2010



New ZealandSunday afternoon, my journey “Down Under” begins in Miami on a full American Airlines flight to Los Angeles.




Today the weather in South Florida is a big news items as temperatures are in the 50's and this maybe an omen for what lies ahead in my journey.

Picture 890 My flight is late leaving Miami. En route to Los Angeles we have a medical emergency and make an unscheduled stop in Phoenix, Arizona.



Under overcast skies we touchdown in LA about 8 hours after leaving Miami.

I stroll around LAX and have dinner at The International Terminal (5) as I have about a two and a half hour wait before my flight to Sydney. Tonight apparently there are hundreds maybe even thousands of people with same plans as I have to go “Down Under” because the flights to Sydney are all overbooked!

Unfortunately, I miss my first opportunity to board a flight to Sydney. My next chance will be on Monday Night … 24 hours from now.

As one door closes another one opens. With 24 hours to lose some money.... the glamour and glitter of Las Vegas is calling.

After helping the recession in Las Vegas, in less than 24 hours I am back in Los Angeles and soon find myself in a middle coach seat for a 14 hour flight to Sydney.

A Movie,  Dinner,  A Nap,  A Snack,  The Simpsons,  Family Guy, In-Flight Hiking,  A Nap,  Black Jack,  Breakfast then Two and A Half Men. Wow, how time flies!

 Sydney Arrival

With the rising sun we begin our descent for Sydney. Soon the east coast of Australia appears under sparkling sunlight with beach surf views.



We firmly touchdown at 6:55AM. It's Wednesday!

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