Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Israel, Journey From Amman


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Amman Bus terminal Amman Bus Terminal

My journey to Israel begins at 7:00am from The Amman Bus Terminal.

I am convinced my first impression of Israel would have been completely different had I entered the country at Tel Aviv.

However, I always appreciate my travels more when I can experience it like a local.
The border crossing gave be a better prospective of the everyday struggle that certain people here face for what others would consider a normal routine elsewhere.

DSC00796The "Moses' Syndrome" is alive and well as I set off to enter
"The Promised Land"

Strawberry Fanta At the main bus station I have a falafel and “Strawberry Fanta" for breakfast, JD$1.
We wait for enough passengers to show up before we leave for King Hussein Bridge.  I can take a taxi for JD$12 but the bus is only JD$3 plus JD$0.50 per bag.
Offer are made to exchange my dinars for sheqels. At JD$40 for NIS$100, it is no bargain.
As we leave the bus terminal, I am the only tourist on the bus with men sitting in front and women in the back.

At the Jordanian Border, I walk around to tourist side and start the Jordanian departure process. Bags are x-rayed in one building and then I walk freely with my bag to another building.
WINDOW-1 my passport is taken.
WINDOW-2 does something with my passport and tells me to pay JD$5.
WINDOW-3 I get a stamp and go back to. You guessed wrong.
WINDOW-2 smiles and tells me I will get my passport back on the bus and "To please take a seat in "DEPARTURE LOUNGE-1".

Half an hour later a bus arrives to take us to Israeli Border. This time it is JD$3 plus JD$0.50 per bag even carry ons.
As our passports are given back by an official who has not seen us before a humorous exchange takes place with a few Arabic ladies. Apparently, their passport pictures are too similar.

Two Checkpoints and King Hussein Bridge along with the Israeli Border comes into sight.

Last Jordanian Border Crossing


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