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From Karade, a hibiscus flavored drink to fresh squeezed orange juice, veal sausage, breads and Egyptian style pancakes, the breakfast at Hotel Longchamps is another reason US$54 per night is worth the stay.

I check out after breakfast but leave my backpack with the front desk. A nice convenience since I plan to do a lot of walking.

Another adventurous taxi cab ride to Ramses Train Station and I pay US$60 for the overnight sleeping train to Luxor. It’s now time for a self guided day tour around Cairo and Giza.

Mosque Towers There is no doubt Egypt has the best drivers in the world.

Even after all the horn bleeping and near misses,  I have yet to witness an accident. I think the next “Mario Andretti" is out there just waiting to be discovered!

DSC00363 After somewhat helpful info from the tourist office, I play a little "Cairo Chicken" as I make my way to the bus stop. It was close but I won.

A 20 minute wait and with some local help, I am pointed to a bus packed like a can of sardines with passengers hanging out the main door. I became one of them, I am now on my way to Giza.

My joy ride ends at The Giza Bus Roundabout and another taxi ride is in my future.


Natural Gas Fill Up Only 6LE




It turns out that I would have been better of continuing my trip to The Pyramids by bus as I soon find myself at a local DSC00414stable with a heavy sales pitch routine.  Pressed for time, I let my guard down and settled for a 2hr horse back tour for US$40.

Horse And Pyramids

However, by the time it is all over with lunch and tips my wallet is US$80 lighter.

By Egyptian standards very expensive but I did have a “Personal” photo shoot at The Pyramids.

Someday my shots there will be worth millions. Here’s a sampling.


What A Stud? I Meant The Horse.






You Can’t Touch This.







DSC00406 Is It Going To Be Me Or The Sphinxter?






Although a bit poorer, I did enjoy horseback riding around The Pyramids and would do it again but at a better price. The scenery and photo opportunities were fantastic.

DSC00404The Sphinxter. I think he’s losing face.

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