Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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9:30PM.  Air Egypt is airborne. In 45 minutes we will touchdown in Sharm al Sheikh on The Sinai Peninsula.

In the past 24 hours, I have experienced Egypt by TRAIN, PLANE AND AUTOMOBILE. Except for my wallet losing too much weight in Giza, every moment has been quite  enjoyable!

11:00PM. I am on the way to Dahab in a per-arranged taxi. It is well worth LE$200 for the hour and a half trip. Just outside the airport, I experience my first Military-Police Checkpoint where passports are reviewed and we are soon on our way.

Crossing the darkness of Sinai as Arabic pop music plays, I am sure I could see a million stars. Along the way, for no apparent reason the driver turns of his headlights and we drive in pitch blackness. This "ritual" varies as we rarely pass other cars along the way.

At Dahab Checkpoint there are no passport check just an Egyptian "High Five" by the driver and we press on.

DSC00586 12:40AM. I check into Coralia Club a beautiful beach resort hotel with prices from US$40-95 with breakfast included.

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