Saturday, May 29, 2010



Victoria Park The weather is still “brisky” as I take a walk towards Victoria Park and Market.




The city is alive but there is no madness as people and cars maneuver streets and crosswalks in a civil manner. No honking horns just an unusual beep and clicking sound when the pedestrian crossing signal is activated. Some intersections offer diagonal as well as normal street crossings.

DSC00717 There are a few hills to maneuver and sights to see as I criss cross the city but I eventually end up on Queens Street.



Here I have my first sample of New Zealand lamb.


DSC00720Kebab On Queen has a NZ$5 Special that is huge with your choice of meats, salad and sauce. The Lamb Kebab with Sweet Chili Sauce is delightfully pleasing to my palette.


City Of Sails Bypassing an earlier planned Harbor Cruise NZ$33, I hop a local ferry service for a short ride across the bay to Devonport NZ$10.



I miss out on a tour-guide but save NZ$23 and am rewarded with the same views of the harbor and Auckland City.

Map picture

With map in hand I begin a self guided walking tour of Devonport heading east along King Edward PDE towards North Head.

Me And City Of Sails Auckland City remains in view on my right as I pass a few of Devonport's still deserted beaches.




On sampling the water it is still a bit frigid and I guess too “brisky” for swimming.

Devonport Beach

NZ Black Rocks

Prince At the end of King Edward PDE, I turn north through a neighborhood of quaint houses where the air is filled with the sweet aroma of spring flowers in bloom.


DSC00753 Yards are beautifully landscaped and are as unique as the houses they surround. The end of this neighborhood brings me to the entrance of North Head Historic Reserve.

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