Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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Promptly after leaving Giza, a tasty dinner which includes rice, fish, slices of beef, bread, salad and dessert is served "Airplane Style" on a tray in my cabin.


Drinks are not included, so I enjoy my dinner with a self-imported Heineken.

It's a 9-10 hour journey to Luxor,time to relax and find out what Detective Bosch is up to .. "The Closers" by M. Connelly.
I am booked in a double cabin but end up alone. The train is comfortable with bathrooms that are relatively clean and I don't have to give a tip (LE$1) to use them.

I sleep relatively good the first 4 hours then drift in and out until I am served breakfast about 30 minutes from Luxor.


DSC00449Breakfast consists of an assortment of flavorful breads and pastries served with orange juice.




5:40 AM. The sun is slowing rising as we arrive at Luxor.

Past "The Luxor Welcoming Committee", I along with a fellow backpacker begin a 15 minute walk to Hotel Nefertiti. We ignore the "Taxi" and "Nice Hotel" offers along the way.

6:00AM. I check in and schedule two tours for the day. Pick up time for the first tour is in about two hours.

EJI 132 My room is clean with a large bed, private balcony and a very interesting bathroom. The toilet and shower occupy the same space! I think it would be a challenge to use both at the same time.

A short nap then a quick hot shower and I am off on my West Bank Tour. LE$80.

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