Monday, May 24, 2010


A bus ride back to Giza and I navigate my way to the Giza Metro Station. For LE$1, I am en route to Old Cairo. The metro has the “sardine effect" but this time I hold on from the inside.

EJI 100 After a train change at SADAT STA, a few stops later I exit the train at Old Cairo which has many religious and historical sites.


The Coptic Museum

 EJI 101




The Hanging Church


 EJI 102

St. George

Where it is believed Joseph took Mary and Baby Jesus when they fled to Egypt.


Amazingly, I stand in the spot were Jesus may have played as a toddler.

DSC00428 At St. George, I  also witness a group prayer ceremony and a ritual involving the chains of St. George who was tortured for his faith.

EJI 118 Old Cairo gives me the opportunity to visit a church, a synagogue and a mosque. I appreciate the beauty and peacefulness that they all offer.


EJI 117

Outside the mosque, I spend a few minutes watching kids play with a soccer ball.

If I had a particular destination in mind I would say I got lost many times as I left Old Cairo walking North, I think toward Cairo. Thru narrow streets and dusty alleyways I witnessed everyday Egyptian life. A father picking his daughter up from school, kids at play, street merchants at work. Egyptians going about their every day life.

EJI 119 Soon I am in fruit market and LE$4 later,  I have about 3 pounds of sugar sweet guavas.




EJI 120 Next I am picking samples of various breads from a local bakery and easily part with LE$1, happy with my selections.



Before I know it my time is running short and I am back on the Metro towards Hotel Longchamps. I get to play "Cairo Chicken" a few more times along the way, so far I am still winning!

EJI 126 After a farewell visit I leave my "Cairo Home” and hop a taxi to Giza Station for my trip to Luxor.

I sit back,  enjoy a few guavas and watch the local trains come and go.


DSC00446 I think my US$60 for a sleeper car will have been well spent.





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