Tuesday, May 25, 2010


DSC00548 9:30AM. I am up for breakfast and to begin a day relaxing at the beach.




EJI 220

Coralia Room View





EJI 218 Coralia Pool






I go for a swim and immediately I am thinking George Castanza. The water is COLD but soon becomes refreshing.


DSC00559 On an afternoon Glass Bottom/Snorkel cruise (LE$70), I meet a few Russians and Scots. The water seems warmer by this time with great visibility and marine life.



DSC00576A group trip is made to town for dinner at "Sea Bride" a fresh fish restaurant.

DSC00571The dining experience starts by choosing your fish which is weighed and then your price is haggled.

I chose Barracuda and King Prawns.



EJI 239Dinner is served community style with rice, bread, soup various dips and salad. Initial service is slow but no one is disappointed when the meal is served.


DSC00579 A stroll thru town and a stop is made at "Jays" where tea with oregano and a "Seesha" is enjoyed.



A rush is made back to the hotel to raid the dessert bar before the restaurant closes .. apparently this is a nightly ritual. I use the opportunity to sample some more Egyptian food.

The evening ends sipping green tea and brandy while eating fresh strawberries and our "raided" desserts.


DSC00588 Another enjoyable breakfast and it's time for windsurfing lessons.

Dahab is well know for it’s windsurfing and is a good place for lessons.

Soon I am in a wet suit and feel like an action hero.


DSC00591The wind is unusually light but soon I am making nervous turns on the board as Philip my instructor provides  encouragement.



DSC00592 A few more tips and I am sailing away .. unable to turn properly I paddle the board back for more instructions. My lesson ends after about 2.5 hours, I am officially a windsurfer.



EJI 224Another lazy afternoon at the beach and I am invited for tea .. no brandy this time as lagoon snorkeling is planned.

This evening dinner is at "Blue Thai" ... (Great Food) followed by another visit to "Jays".

DSC00599At "Jays" there is birthday celebration at another table and we are offered huge portions of birthday cake ... No dessert raids tonight!




Dahab Birthday Cake





10:30PM. I say good-bye to friends and board a bus for a morning hike to Mt. Sinai.

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