Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jordan – Petra To Madaba


Sand Covered Car

I begin my drive from Petra with a desert storm brewing.





Along "The Desert Highway" to Madaba I encounter huge rain and blinding sandstorms.

Windshield wipers create "patty cakes of mud" that I am constantly using wiper fluid to clean.

At one point traffic comes to a complete standstill as the smell and taste of desert sand fills the air.

I arrive in Madaba to heavy rain and local street flooding.

Black Iris HotelI am having trouble finding "BLACK IRIS HOTEL"(20JD) with even the Tourist Police pointing me in the wrong direction.


About to give up my search, I stop at Madaba Hotel and when told rooms where 45JD I asked for a discount.

"30JD, AND I STOP TALKIN" was the harsh response I received. Well, EXCUSE ME!! I eventually find Black Iris Hotel.


Ode .. the hotel manager is quiet pleasant and helps me plan my next day. I am hungry but it is miserable to venture out. To my surprise, Ode makes me an offer ... 3JD and he will prepare me a home cook meal. I accept. 20 minutes later I am served... Salad, pita bread, rice, chicken, vegetables and orange juice. What a deal!

Tomorrow...  Mt Nebo, Bethany, The Dead Sea. Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Black Iris Breakfast
Black Iris Breakfast




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