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Madaba is a compact town that has an important Christian history of it's own.
Dead Sea  20 minutes outside of Madaba the landscape begins to change as I drive to Mt. Nebo. Although a bit cloudy a gorgeous view of "The Promise Land" is seen from there.

Leaving Mt. Nebo I am soon in a steep descent surrounded by smooth hills and desert mountains.

Hillside Shepherd  I pass shepherds "watching their sheep by day" as they graze the hillsides and The Dead Sea can be seen in the distance. I approach a Checkpoint with soldiers and a gun-mounted Humvee.

"Where you from? Welcome To Jordan". A smiling soldier waves me on.

Dead Sea Sign

Another Checkpoint and I drive just by "Amman Beach" and find an empty parking lot. A short hike and I am at the lowest point on earth ...the shores of "The Dead Sea".

DMB Floating In Dead Sea
At 200(+/-50)lbs I am floating on "The Dead Sea". It's a Ripley's Believe It Or Not Moment.

The water is so salty it burns my shaved face and leaves an awful taste in my mouth.

Amman Sign
The Baptism Site located on one of the most disputed lands is just 10 miles away. Previously controlled by the military, required guide tours (7JD) are now available.


En route to the birthplace of Christianity where Jesus was baptized by John The Baptist, we see the Town Of Jericho (The oldest "8000 BC" and lowest town on earth).

Trinity Palm Remains of the first church along with a mosaic depicting "The Trinity" can still be seen.




Jesus Baptism Site Jesus Baptism Site






DMB At Jordan Post A brief walk and we are at a point where the only thing that separates the shores of Jordan and Israel is 12 feet of "The Jordan River" which is guarded on both sides by the military.


DMB Jordan River However, we are free to touch and take samples of the water were Jesus and others of the Christian and Jewish faith were and still are even today baptized.


 Elijah Mountain

Elijah hill is also located at Bethany Beyond Jordan.



As if to authenticate our visit the afternoon weather produces a rainbow.

Bethany Rainbow

There is the "mandatory" souvenir walk as our tour ends but the vendors are not pushy.  "Welcome To Jordan".

As if sensing my afternoon hunger I am offered a half bag of nuts by a local driver waiting for passengers.  A Little Jordanian Hospitality as I head to my car.

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