Tuesday, May 25, 2010


EJI 169A 1500 year project with some areas still incomplete.

Temples of Karnak.



EJI 174 With 134 gigantic pillars most over 50 feet tall... TEMPLE OF KARNAK IS  A MUST VISIT SITE.



 EJI 170 You will be in awe by what is left of it's original magnificence ... Something that seems from "ANOTHER WORLD".

EJI 181 Reflecting Sacred Lake





EJI 191

Pharaoh Statues





EJI 177 Obelisk. Floated from towns upstream on The Nile and brought across land to Temple of Karnak.




EJI 190 
Shadows tell me that daylight is fading and since I am told sunset on The Nile is not to be missed, I leave Temple of Karnak with some regret.

EJI 196

DSC00523 There is no haggling as I find a felucca captain that will make this possible.




EJI 209It is delightful to watch Capt. Hasan (From Sweden .. brown eyes) skillfully maneuver his boat onto The Nile. There is little wind so we are tugged down river to navigate the current back to our launch site.

DSC00531 I get to be Capt. Don(From Bahamas), even rowing at times. However, I don't think I will make The Egyptian Felucca Olympic Team.



Masa Lama (Good bye) to Capt. Hasan and I begin my walk back to my hotel. This time I pass kids interestedly playing soccer with oranges and lemons!

DSC00542 A souvenir shop stop and I am involved in an engaging conversation with the shop owner. 

"What you pay, LE$15?”

"Free" I counter offer.

I don't get a bargain but I do get a "Free" bead and "Egyptian Magic" analysis of my name. He is 62% right about my personality .. not bad since the other 38% I am not even sure about.
Most tours to Luxor are one day trips with return to Cairo and other destinations by night buses or trains.

DSC00544From another backpacker, I learn that I could possibly be on my way to Dahab via Sham al Sheikh tonight!




Dahab and Sham el Sheik on Sinai has had numerous terrorist attacks in recent years but this does not deter me from visiting.

8:00PM. I pay LE$60 about US$11 and make a conditional, I might be back check out from Hotel Nefertiti.

In a shared taxi (LE$20) that is not as exiting as in Cairo, I am on my way to the airport hoping I will make a flight to Sharm al.

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