Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jordan, Petra


Map picture


Petra Map

7:50AM .  A JD$21 entrance fee and I enter the path to Petra.

Although "Taxi's" are available in the form of horses, donkeys and  camels, I begin a 30 minute walk to the "SIQ".






Petra Caves

I lack the words to describe the beauty and experience of "SIQ". This is the stuff you think only Hollywood can create, Indiana Jones style.

However, here  is no Hollywood studio. This is nature at it's best.


SIQ WallsI am deep inside a narrow desert gorge hidden from the rest of the world.





The Treasury As "SIQ" ends, the sunlight gives glimpses of AL-KHAZNEH

Petra's most famous site.




Shaowed Treasury  The Treasury. The full view is beyond spectacular!



Two Theatre GuestTombs TemplesAncient Theaters And Roman Streets can all be found here.




 Excavated Temple I am a kid in "An Ancient Candy Store" as I set of exploring.


Ad Deir Path With frequent helpless photo stops along narrow paths and climbing steps, I slowly make my way to Al Deir(Monastery).





Petra Puppies

I meet two cute friends on my way up.

They find my sandals playfully interesting.



However, soon mom comes and collects them. With tails wagging, it’s feeding time.

Reaching Al Deir, I am again rewarded with an impressive site.


Ad-Deir Close Up




Ad-Deir Distant View

A short climb beyond and you can take in a view of endless deserts in the distance.

"The End Of The World"

Rain clouds are forming as I start down the trail. Back at Al-Khanzneh, a mini sandstorm is brewing.


DMB And Treasury policeI get to take a picture with a friendly Bedouin Police Officer.

His uniform is unique and colorful.





The lights and colors have changed as I exit "SIQ". New shades and shadows give another perspective of it's beauty. Simply Awesome!


DMB At Treasury

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