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DSC00488En route to "Valley of The Kings" we pass rich farmlands and large sugar cane fields.




We are amused to see a few locals trying to capture a couple of donkeys that have escaped from a sugar cane wagon. It is common to see donkeys not much bigger than "Scooby Doo" pulling large wagons of people and stuff around. No wonder "A Donkey Prison Break" is in progress.

EJI 136 The Natural Pyramid at The Valley of Kings which has over 60 tombs.  One of the reasons this area was chosen as a royal burial ground.

 DSC00463 The most famous, King Tut's discovered in 1922.






EJI 139 There is still active excavation here at The Valley of Kings.




Visitor's Center has nice display and short video. A LE$117 fee allows you to visit 3 tombs with certain tombs like King Tut's costing an additional fee.
It is hot, dry and dusty here so be sure to bring water and snacks or you will be easily parched and exhausted.


KV-2 Rameses IV, my favorite has a well preserved tomb history.  NO PICTURES OR TOUR GUIDES ALLOWED.



The length of tomb represents the length of buried Pharaoh's life.

EJI 148 After a short visit to a local shop where we are given a history lesson and demonstration (along with souvenir sales pitch) of stones used in ancient Egypt.



DSC00473 Deir al Bahri. Dedicated to the most powerful female ruler of Egypt much of it's rich history remains.



EJI 155






EJI 159

Ancient Egyptian Story Telling





EJI 161Egyptian Hieroglyphic including Symbol Of Life






Our tour ends with the viewing of two 54 feet tall statues that once guarded Egypt's largest temple,  Colossi of Memnon.

EJI 167 Lunch is at Sam Elasel in Luxor. Kushiri (rice,pasta,beans), Chicken Sharwma (warm bread,peppers,onions) and a cool Hibiscus drink is a delicious bargain at LE$12, less than US$3!

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