Sunday, May 23, 2010


Amman Street Rain is falling as I head to Amman.

Thru farm lands fresh vegetables...cabbage, tomatoes, carrots are sold along the roadside. Trucks filled with these same fresh vegetables are passed as they make there way to the city.

Driving in Jordan is not difficult and you will always know the way to "Amman" if no where else. I am headed to 7th Circle which becomes a challenge to find as directional signs are soon lost.

While I wait for my car to be picked up I consume a couple of flavorful chicken sharwmas and a falafel sandwich for about $2US.

Border Crossing Unaware that "The King Hussein Bridge" closes at 4PM, I am stuck in Amman for the night. I spend some time at the bus station being entertained by a Jordanian "Andrew Dice Clay"... "Vodka, Whiskey me like... Disco". I am given a dinner invitation but gracefully decline.

With the show over I hop a taxi with a few hotels in mind. Most too expensive for a short night stay. I have to be at the bus station at 6:30AM. The driver has a pre-arranged pick up which detours my hotel search. Thru a friend of our new passengers I am offered a hotel room and end up somewhere in Amman.

Amman Room Heater  The worse hotel room of the trip but also the most unique. Two Royal Chairs, Three Chandeliers and A Manual Propane Heater. I wondered why I was given a box of matches when I checked in.


Amman Hotel

Unknown Hotel Somewhere in Amman




Exhausted, I am glad for a bed and the assurance from the cab driver that I will have a taxi at 6:00 AM for my bus ride to Jerusalem. I am headed to “The Promised Land”.


McHargue said...

Hello. I enjoyed reading these posts. We just returned from Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Our hotel in Amman was better than yours but we had a pretty sad one in Beirut...looked kind of like this. As we are much older than you and less adventurous, we had a driver who took care of all the details for us. It's fun to read about someone using public transportation and daring to drive a car Syria, it was particularly wild. Have a great time and continue the interesting posts. You do have an audience even if they don't comment.

DMBTraveler said...

McHargue, Your comments are greatly appreciated. I plan to visit Syria and Lebanon in the near future. Do you mind passing along the hotel I should avoid? About 154 countries still to visit and 190 posting to go!