Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jordan – Wadi Rum


Road To Wadi Rum A rented car (30JD/Per day plus 35JD drop fee in Amman) and I am on the 5000 year old Kings Highway en route to Wadi Rum 45 minutes away.



Camel Crossing


Exiting for Wadi Rum, the landscape tells me I am in for a treat. 2JD fee at Visitor's Center (Where Jeep Tours Begin), I take a scenic drive to Rum Village for a camel ride(10JD).





Wadi Rum Rock







DMB Petting Camel I find a "Parked" camel and soon I am "Don Of Arabia". 

Led by an 8 yr old Bedouin guide we make our way to Lawrence Springs.





Camel Head The scenery is "Postcard Like" except this is the real thing with towering rugged mountains on both sides of us …stunning!



As if to break me out of my trance, my guide puts the camel into a sprint and I hang on. I am relieved and go back to dreaming when the camel decides to give my family jewels a break.

Jagged Cliffs


Passing Bedouin camps, we arrive at Lawrence Spring where I am encouraged to "Climb, climb.. Take pictures".


DMB What A View On the journey back I ended up with a "Camel Backseat Driver" as my guide hops on board and lets me "drive" for awhile. Later, we are doing "Camel Donuts aka 360's" in the soft desert sand as the camel bellows...


Camel Training A little unruly on the way back, my guide is drug across the desert floor as he tries to control "Joe Camel" who makes frequent dashes for plant snacks.



It also take a little help from the neighborhood kids to get Joe Camel back to the "Park".. dismounting position.


Shadow Rider Maybe he is just tired of carrying another

"Lawrence of Arabia"





Shadow Mountains I take in the sunset at Wadi Rum as it changes the desert colors like a master artist then it's ..  "On The Road Again"




On my way to Petra, I witness the faithful outside of their cars saying evening prayers along the highway as they face Mecca. Daylight soon disappears and takes the scenery of rolling hills and winding desert roads with it.


I fall asleep just outside the gates of PETRA ... Petra Moon Hotel (30JD)


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