Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Antarctica, A Whale Of A Presentation


From my welcoming on board the Akademik Ioffe, I have had a favorable impression of the Quark Expedition staff. As time goes on my first notion is further validated.

Interacting with them and being at the various presentations,  I sense their passion for their individual calling along with the joy they have of being here.

Attending an Antarctic Marine Biology presentation by Jimmy is no exception. From the Pacific Northwest, Jimmy annually tracks a pod of migrating whales some of whom he believes personally recognizes him.

His knowledge and enthusiasm about his passion clearly comes through as he talks about it.



Sperm Whale Did you know NASA and other space programs use sperm whale oil in some of their equipment in space?





The oil has properties that can withstand various pressure differences something the sperm whale has to deal with as it dives to the depths of the ocean.



Rasta Jimmy With a sense of humor,  Rasta Jimmy puts on:

A Whale Of A Presentation.

He even includes stuff about the dolphins.







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