Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Antarctica, Ice, Ice Baby


While sailing to our next destination that will have us navigating around icebergs, we get an opportunity to attend another informative lecture.

All right stop collaborate and listen ….



Iceberg Whirlpool This time it is on ice.

Earth Ice, Ice Shelf, Ice Crystals, Icebergs and Glaciers.





Joining the lecture in progress, I am glad to see there is a comedian on board the ship. A question is presented by the lecturer which asks. Which is greater by mass all the life on earth or all the ice on earth?

The room bursts into laughter as the comedian responds, cows!



NH Huge Glacier A Huge Glacier



Did you know 95% of the earth's ice is glacial or that some of the bases of the glaciers in Antarctica are over one hundred thousand years old?

I am looking forward to seeing tomorrow some of the things that are discussed in the presentation.

In particular “Blue Ice” which is formed over thousands of years when ice crystals interlock and there is no air spaces between them.



Blue Iceberg This trip is turning out not only to be fun but educational as well.







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