Monday, February 21, 2011

Antarctica, Leaving Deception Island


Having completed a “True Polar Plunge”, I return to the Ioffe but not as fast as promised.

A long hot shower that involves continually drenching my feet with warm water and my mild fears of frostbite are starting to subside.


Day 4 Dinner Dinner this evening is served buffet style but the highlight of it all is desert.







Day 4 Desert I get to have ice cream.



And seeing as I almost froze my toes off, I think I should get to eat all the ice cream in the world.

What do you think Lieutenant Dan?



Polar Plunge ListAt the ship’s reception desk, The Polar Plunge list is posted.

Here, those that have  taken the plunge check  their names on the list.




I feel honored to be on the list, having survived a chilling but fun and memorable experience.  From the check marks I can tell that almost 25% of the Ioffe passengers are nuts!

Besides taking the Polar Plunge, the one thing I will recall most about visiting Deception Island and landing on Whalers Bays is the wind.



Shared Toast While having a glass of  “fine imported” red wine, thanks to John my roommate from the UK, he tells me the winds are still blowing strong even as we sail away from Deception Island.



I am fascinated by this for two reasons. One, it seems ironic that Deception Island would be a safe harbor since we received little protection from the wind. Second, it leaves my mind to wonder how brutal the weather must be here during the dark days of winter.

Stepping outside into a passage way near our cabin, the wind is so strong that when I turn my back to it I am literally carried from the starboard (right-side) to the port (left-side) of the ship.

On the open seas Deception Island is fading in the background as the wind and waves produce an occasional giant spray off the bow of the ship. Having had my fill of wind for the day, I return inside to the comfort of the Akademik Ioffe.

In a few minutes, I will head down to the ship’s bar where I hope to win a few “Nil Hands” playing a game or two of Spades.





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Towns of Nobody said...

you are so lucky to get here, i am envy for it :)