Thursday, February 3, 2011

Antarctica, Crossing Into The Peninsula


Stepping outside on our second full day at sea the weather has now become what I expect for crossing the southern oceans. Gone is the heat of a tropical sun replaced with the chill of a stiff breeze and overcast gray skies. The seas are still relatively calm and the Ioffe continues to rock gently as it heads southbound.

Sometime yesterday afternoon we officially crossed into the Antarctica Peninsula. This is determined by the ship's engineer sensing a difference in the ocean's water temperature.

As we are expecting to make landfall sometime tomorrow morning there are two mandatory briefings that we must attend. The first one a zodiac briefing, the second a bio briefing.

The bio briefing covers rules for landing in Antarctica. We must be careful not to introduce any foreign biological substances onto the continent.

Our clothing and anything we expect to take on land should be inspected and vacuumed. This is part of a process to keep the continent, our largest natural wilderness area pristine.

All in favor, say aye!





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