Friday, February 4, 2011

Antarctica, IAATO Briefing


With our Zodiac and “Mud Room” briefings out of the way our final pre-landing briefing is given in the lower Presentation Room. This briefing covers bio-security and IAATO guidelines, the rules by which all tourism activities are governed in Antarctica.

As a part of the guidelines we are not allowed to take any food or biological substances onto the continent.



Diet Coke While it may be cool to see a penguin drinking a Diet Coke or eating a Snickers Bar, it could have a disastrous effect on life here.







Coconut Trees Also,  just as important is not allowing foreign plant life to be brought onto the continent.

Unfortunately, this has  occurred on previous occasions.



We are also cautioned about the importance of not leaving any items like lens caps or plastic wrappers behind after our landings. Even tissues or other materials  that could easily blow away must be safeguarded.

Our guidance for encounters with wildlife requires that we keep a minimum of 15 feet away from them. In addition, the animals should always be given the right of way.

With all the legalese out of the way it's time to party, although I am afraid this party is going to suck!




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