Saturday, February 12, 2011

Antarctica, A Stoked Passenger



Bow View One of the enjoyable things about travel for me is meeting people and sharing a bit of their life stories.






CAN 013 As we are making our way towards Deception Island, initially I find myself alone on the bow of the Ioffe and with good reason.




With temperatures in the 30's and the winds blowing about 40 miles an hour, most passengers are just fine taking in the views of Deception Island from the comfort of the bridge.

Another brave or may be crazy soul soon joins me and I am glad to share a conversation with him as together we fight the elements.

From the Seattle, Washington area, him and his wife are stoked to be visiting Deception Island as an “In Spirit” trip down memory lane.

In 1965, about 45 years ago (when his wife was an infant) his father in law visited here with the US Coast Guard and brought back memorable pictures to share with the family.

Anyone remember the old family slideshows?

Promising not to mention anything to his wife about her being an infant in 1965, I am glad and may be even stoked to partake in his excitement as we visit Deception Island.




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