Thursday, February 3, 2011

Antarctica, In Time For Lunch On Day 3


I awake on Day 3 with a sense that the temperature outside is falling which gives rise to my excitement inside. Taking my now customary walk outside, my suspicion is confirmed.


DMB Portside Ioffe This time no flip flops and just a brief visit outside.






After a late night or what some would consider an early morning of going to bed, I miss breakfast but I am up in time for lunch.

For me,  the dining on board has been decent and if you are not careful you can add a few pounds just like on a regular cruise ship. Three full meals are served daily with two of them lunch and dinner offering deserts.


Soup There is always soup, a pasta and/or vegetarian selection offered along with what seems to be a limited supply of bread (me like, bread … I'm the Bread Monster).




Today for lunch the entree choices are Rainbow Trout, A Chicken Salad or Penne Pasta.



Chicken Salad I opt for the Chicken Salad which comes with a creamy but flavorful walnut apple dressing.





A part of our dining experience which I look forward to is the brief talks or demonstrations from members of the expedition staff. They are turning out to be a professional and fun group of individuals that genuinely seem concerned that we have a great experience.



Bird Wing Span Albatross Wingspan



Using rolls of toilet paper we get a good visual of the wing span of some of the birds we have seen so far. An albatross can have a wing span greater than six feet and that's just one ply!

After lunch I attend a presentation where I am expecting Al Gore in attendance. Even with “Mr. Global Warming”  himself absent it turns out to be an enjoyable discussion on global warming and it's effect on Antarctica.





Although volcanic eruptions like the one at Deception Island which we hope to visit in a day or two has had it’s effects on global warming, I am impressed enough by the presentation to think about reducing my own carbon footprint.

Besides,  I hate having soot on my feet so maybe cleaning up a bit is not so bad an idea.




E Squared and Mui said...

So, they're using toilet paper for the albatross wingspan now :-) On our voyage, Nigel (who was our ornithologist) had a roll of string to show us the same thing. Big birds aren't they!

DMBTraveler said...

Yes, "tp" but I don't think it was Charmin. Watching the birds from the deck with a naked eye it is hard to imagine their wings being so large.

The "tp" was a good demo especially since there were no strings attached :)