Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Antarctica, Getting Dive Bombed


After a fruitless search for a blown away backpack cover, Peter and I are now out of time to explore Neptune's Window and begin walking back towards the shoreline.


WB Shreiking Bird A shrieking sounds from the sky and I quickly realize that we are being attacked.








WB Dive Bombing Bird Dive Bombing Bird



Looking up, a medium size  white bird is making diving bombing runs at my yellow covered head.




WB Peter's Turn Then comes Peter’s turn.







Innocently we have walked near a nesting area and this bird is vehemently defending it's territory.

This incident exposes my naivety to life here. I think like most others, I am use to flying birds nesting in trees.  Ummm, but there are no trees here. So let’s see, 1 plus 1 really does not equal 3!



WB Ground Nest Ground Level Bird Nest



It would never have occurred to me to watch out for a bird nest on the ground. Another sin of nature committed here and I can think of only one way to cleanse our souls. Peter and I are now on our way to do so.



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