Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Antarctica, Zodiac Business Class


This morning my on going classified plan to arrive in the “Mud Room”  after the crowd is gone is about to pay dividends.  A zodiac final boarding announcement is being made as I am headed that way.

So far, I am the only one in the zodiac queue. This gives me an opportunity to chat it up with Emily another of the great Quark Expedition staff members.

Emily runs the on board gift shop but I make no promises to visit as I am not a NBS (Natural Born Shopper). She makes another final boarding announcement but the status quo remains.



Jimmy Whale Watcher Today, I am the sole passenger on the zodiac with Jimmy.

Jimmy is a  marine biologist with a specialty in whales.





Nicholson Harbor Leaving the Ioffe, I can see some of the various ice formations that were talked about in the presentation that I attended last night.




As we race by kayakers enjoying a beautiful morning on the relatively calm seas, areas of “Blue Ice” can be seen along the shore line.

Along the way we pass small pieces of ice that have made their way to seas from the sounding frozen landscape. In some areas down here frozen sheets of ice can be found that are up to 30 miles long.



Dr Timor Just before our landing we stop at a group of zodiacs to pick up a few “riff raffs” that are anchored just of shore.

Dr Timor, the ship's doctor.




A New Yorker The awesome zodiac mechanic, from New York and a few others.








Lynn My Business Class ride ends as I am welcomed to our landing spot by Lynn our Expedition Leader.





Even without dinner, wine or a movie, I am one lucky passenger. This has been “The Best Business Class” ride I have ever taken.



Untitled 0 07 53-22 Wait, is that a colony of Gentoo Penguins I see in the distance?





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