Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Antarctica, I Go Walking



Midnight Port View While most of my fellow passengers have retired for the evening, I am having a Patsy Cline moment and go for a walk.







Ioffe Midnight Bow Midnight View From The Akademik Ioffe Bridge




In stretching my Patsy Cline moment, it is well past midnight by the time I make my way to the bridge of the Akademik Ioffe. From earlier visits in the day, I have befriended a few of the officers on the bridge and they welcome my company.



National Geographic Explorer Off in the distance,  I am told is another ship.

It is the first one we have seen since leaving the Beagle Channel four days ago.




From the signature on the Ioffe’s radar display, it is believed the ship is the National Geographic Explorer.



Midnight Sun We have now traveled so far south than even at midnight there is a fair amount of light and a sliver of the fading sun can be seen over the horizon.



As we head towards West Antarctica, I am told we are in the Gerlache Strait between New Scotland Island and the Antarctic Continent.

Again, the experience of a life time continues even past midnight.



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