Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Antarctica, Peter, Peter …..


WB Lagging Behind Lagging behind my friend Peter as we head towards Neptune's Window, I watch as the wind rips a waterproof protective cover off  his backpack.






WB Flying Cover Flying Waterproof Backpack Cover



This becomes an incident that we were cautioned about during our briefings on the Ioffe.



Whalers Bay Landscape In order to preserve the beauty of this area we must be careful to not introduce any foreign items on to Antarctica.





Although now an unfortunate innocence situation, a gray nylon cover is racing across the continent in search of a new home where it is not welcomed.

Our attention is now turned to recovering it but we cannot keep up with the speed at which it is moving. It is blending well with the surrounding black and white terrain making our search very difficult .



WB Blinding Reflection Along with the cover's chameleon effect, the sun's blinding reflection off the snow covered hillside also hinders our efforts.




I see the cover blow around a small hill and this gives me a little hope that it will be slowed down as it will somewhat be sheltered from the full force of the wind. I am disappointed.

Our effort to find the cover becomes fruitless. I feel a sense of guilt and disappointment as I do not want to be a part of destroying or impacting the beauty that is here.

I hope nature will forgive our innocent mistake which unfortunately turns out to be the first of two that we will have made before the day is over.




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