Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Antarctica, No Head Planting



Nelson Bay Landing Nelson Bay Landing




Digging Out Passenger Arriving at Nelson Bay, I quickly see one reason to give snow shoeing a try.






Damien, one the expedition staff members is in the process of digging out one of the passengers who is stuck knee deep in the snow.



Confession Damien later tells us that his concern was more about losing the boot than the stuck passenger.





With the coming of summer he figures sooner or later she would be rescued by a passing ship. He jokingly tells us that Quark does offer a “Stuck Passenger Rescue Supplement”.




Six Feet Of Snow Walls Of Melting Snow



It is about in the 40's with crystal clear skies and serene winds as I get instructions from Damien on fitting and using snow shoes. He somewhat promises that they will prevent us from head-planting as we trek around in the snow.



Snow Shoes In a pair of fashionably red ones, I am on my way conquering the snow beneath my feet.






Remembering how exhausting it was sinking up to my knees on Half Moon Bay yesterday, I am glad this seems to be working.



Frighten Penguins Initially, I stay on the path as I take in another set of gorgeous views.






A fellow snow shoer is off in the distance navigating foreign terrain but scares off a colony of penguins in the process.

I remain still to give them the right of way should our paths cross.



Shoeless Trekkers Continuing  on my exploration, I leave the beaten path to give way to shoeless trekkers and my victory over the snow is short lived.





Somewhere at the bottom of two feet of snow is a “Ruby Red” shoe, I guess I am not in Kansas anymore.



Blue Reflection Recovering my shoe, a beautiful blue color reflects back at me from two to three feet below the surface.








A Cool Gentoo 



Refitted, I return to following “The White Snow Road”. I am not off to see the Wizard, I am off to see one “Cool Gentoo”.





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